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My own prejudices are exactly the opposite of the functionalists’: “If you want to understand function, study structure,” [emphasis added] I was supposed to have said in my molecular biology days. (I believe I was sailing at the time.) I think that one should approach these problems at all levels, as was done in molecular biology. Classical genetics is, after all, a black-box subject. The important thing was to combine it with biochemistry. In nature hybrid species are usually sterile, but in science the reverse is often true. Hybrid subjects are often astonishingly fertile, whereas if a scientific discipline remains too pure it usually wilts. [emphasis added]

– Franics Crick, What Mad Pursuit (1989)

Croatian/hrvatski: Grupa za strukturu i funkciju biomolekula

Umbrella Institution: University of Rijeka Department of Biotechnology

Postal Address: Radmile Matejčić 2, University Campus Trsat, HR-51000 Rijeka, Croatia (on OpenStreetMap)

Biomolecular Structure and Function Group uses both the computational and the wet biochemical research methods.



Hha1 protein with DNA and SAH ligand docked in the active site