BioSFGroup’s Prof. Dr. Željko Svedružić and Dr. Vedran Miletić were featured in Novi list’s University of Rijeka-themed monthly attachment VOX academiae issue 19 (page 1; pages 6–7: Istraživači Odjela za biotehnologiju približavaju znanosti građanima).

VOX academiae page 1

Speaking about the research being carried out in the group, Dr. Svedružić went straight to the point:

The design of new drugs and the development of disease are complex molecular processes that require the power of supercomputers to be visualized and quantitatively analyzed. In the last four years, we have been in the field of supercomputing protocols for quantum mechanics, bioinformatics and molecular dynamics. We used protocols to solve five problems in the biomedical sciences.

He then listed the accomplishments and the results from the present research projects.

VOX academiae page 6

Read the full text in VOX academiae issue 19 (in Croatian).